15th Annual Share the Gold March 15, 2021
at The Ranch in Pritchett, CO at 1pm MST


Our Gelbvieh influenced females are our favorite part of being in the seed stock business. We believe that maternal power will keep you in business through harsh conditions, year after year.

Herd and Health Performance:

All our bulls have been boostered with Virashield 6, and poured with Ivomec. All bulls have been fertility examined and scrotal measured. All bulls have been tested negative for PI BVD. Dr. Rick Birdsong (Southeast Colorado Vet Clinic in Springfield, CO) performed all of the fertility, and herd health.


The first breeding season is guaranteed against injury. If something were to happen to your bull, we will get a replacement for the season and give you credit in our next bull sale. Credit for the amount of purchased bull less salvage value will be applied toward a replacement. The end of the breeding season guarantee shall be September 1st.

Delivery and Trucking:

Black Gold Cattle Company will cooperate in every way possible to help deliver your bulls. Deliveries will begin soon after the sale. If this does not work, please notify us to make other arrangements. Contact Us

We started in the Gelbvieh seed stock business in 1992 and have seen the breed gain great value. Of all the Continental breeds, Gelbvieh is the most valuable to the cow-calf man due to the maternal values of early puberty, milk and rebreeding ability. Gelbvieh have been well established by MARC data to produce more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed than any of the other breeds tested. These Gelbvieh characteristics give you, the rancher, the option of keeping replacements or selling heifer calves.

BGGR Gravity 803A
2014 People's Choice Balancer Bull Futurity Champion
Sire: CTR Sandhills 0065X

Reference Bulls:

Purebred Gelbvieh

HYEK Black Impact 3960N
CE 107 BW -1 WW 41 YW 71 MK 18 TM 39 GL -6
The sire of choice to make purebreds progeny are very impressive looking, moderate framed, and have a lot of muscle expression.


CTR About Time 5548R
CE 100 BW 2.2 WW 48 YW 98 MK 27 TM 52 GL -0.4
My favorite choice to make balancers. The bulls and females both are standouts among other sire groups.

CTR Marbling 2401M

CE 109 BW -2.5 WW 45 YW105 MK 19 TM 42
The best spread bull we’ve used in a balancer. Calving ease, explosive growth, great dispositions,
excellent females. Total package bull.

Purebred Black Angus

Connealy Reflection
CE +11 BW .7 WW 59 YW 105 MK 33
Reflection's pedigree is stacked with breed leading sires, 878 X EXT X Dateline. Proven calving ease with a CED in the top 5% and BW in the top 15%.

BC Lookout 7024

CE +6 BW 2.6 WW 51 YW 84 MK 14
A smooth made bull with lots of muscle and bone. Wide topped, deep bodied and very sharp and clean fronted.

Connealy Industry 5634

CE +5 BW 2.3 WW 47 YW 87 MK 24
Powerhouse bull. Great dispositions. Total package sire.

CTR Bandit 318

CE +10 BW -3.7 WW 37 YW 75 MK 19
Great female maker with calving ease.

Sitz Dash 10277

CE +11 BW –0.5 WW 51 YW 91 MK 28