15th Annual Share the Gold March 15, 2021
at The Ranch in Pritchett, CO at 1pm MST

Black Gold Labrador Retrievers

Black Gold Labs has been raising and selling Labrador retrievers since 2005. Black Gold Labs strives to raise great companions, that are smart and good with children. Most of our dogs have hunting bloodlines and even though we do not train hunting dogs, they still have great hunting instincts. “Some of our females are the best mousers we have around.” says Mark of Black Gold Labs.

All of Black Gold Labs’ males, females and puppies are AKC Registered. The puppies come to their new owners up to date on shots and wormer . We also offer a 2 week health guarantee, should anything happen during the first 2 weeks after leaving the ranch. All puppies are sold without breeding rights, but with a fee, breeding rights may be purchased.

Questions are always welcome, so please feel free to Contact Us. We love to hear feedback from our customers, so let us know how things are going with the puppies purchased from us.



Ruger is our Skeets Jr. We had been looking for a chocolate male for several years to replace Skeets and just weren’t having any luck. Finally, we decided to ask a neighbor that we sold a chocolate male to several years ago, if we could use their male to breed one of our chocolate females. Fortunately, North Fork Buddy, who looks a lot like Skeets and has a similar disposition, visited our ranch and bred one of our chocolate females that we were cycling out of the breeding program. We have raised Ruger from birth and we are really happy with him. Ruger is really smart , he loves to play in water and just be a part of what is going on. He looks very similar to his grandfather, Skeets, and has a great temperament. We are so happy with the puppies out of Ruger. His puppies are really smart and so pretty.


Remi is a gorgeous yellow lab that we bought from Hunter’s Haven in Nebraska. We were looking for a replacement for Skeets without much luck, so we decided to get this yellow male. Hunters Haven is where we bought Skeets and we really love the dogs we have gotten from them. We have been really pleased with Remi so far. He is a big boy, ready to go explore, go for a walk, or play. He is really smart and his puppies are beautiful and really smart as well



Primrose is the beautiful daughter of Ruger and Brandy. We couldn’t resist keeping her. Primrose is a smart, friendly girl. Her puppies are generally somewhere between light and dark yellow.
Primroses’ puppies are smart and playful, with great hunting bloodlines, and are very friendly.


Tansy is the daughter of Remi and Oakley. She is such a pretty, good natured and smart female. She is a great friend.
Tansy has black, light yellow and dark yellow puppies that are smart and playful buddies.


Oakley is a pretty light yellow English lab we purchased for our son, Matthew, from our friends at Covey Ridge Kennel..
She is a really calm female and is a great friend.. Oakley is a great mom and her pups are beautiful and very playful.


Aspen is a beautiful chocolate lab that we purchased for our daughter, Patience, from Hunters Haven in Nebraska. Aspen has excellent hunting bloodlines and is really smart. Aspen’s puppies are playful, very pretty and a little more laid back. Aspen usually has at least one yellow puppy in each litter of chocolate puppies.


Brandy is a beautiful, petite, redish yellow lab. We bought her from Hunters Haven in Nebraska and she is an awesome female. Brandy is a go getter, really smart, and has great hunting bloodlines. Her puppies have been super, playful and smart. We have great feedback out of this pretty girl’s puppies.




Sage is a beautiful chocolate lab that we purchased for our son, Micah, from Hunters Haven in Nebraska. Sage has excellent hunting bloodlines and is really smart. Aspen’s puppies are playful, very pretty and a little more laid back. Sage usually has at least one yellow puppy in each litter of chocolate puppies.



Mercy is the daughter of Smooch, granddaughter of Hope, and the daughter of Skeets. She is a beautiful yellow female and a really good mother. She did a marvelous job with each of her litters which were chubby, sweet, light yellow pups. She is really energetic and loves to play with the kids. Mercy is a great mouser and she loves catching birds, which shows she inherited great hunting instincts from Skeets. Her puppies are beautiful, so playful, and very smart. Mercy will enjoy hunting birds and mice, while keeping the ranch safe and continuing being a great pet..


Skeets was a chocolate Labrador retriever with great hunting bloodlines. He was super mellow and loved water. Skeets was a natural born hunter, he would always take a swim in the draw and then hunts birds while we were checking cattle. Skeets wasn't a barker, but if he ever did bark we could be sure someone or something had come into the yard. Skeets was great with our kids starting from the first moment we met him as a 12 week old pup. He was always gentle with the kids and never jumped on them. Skeets was a great buddy and was always involved in what was going on in our daily life on the ranch, whether it was working cattle, cleaning 4-H pig pens or just taking a walk. Skeets was a very smart dog and his pups took after him. Any feedback we have received on his pups has been great. The pups have been exceptionally smart, very easy to train, and they have great natural hunting instincts. Skeets was a great puppy sire, as well as, a part of our family and has been missed greatly by our family.


Hope was a yellow Labrador retriever and was the first female we purchased. She has been a great mother, therefore we have kept a female out of two of her past litters. Hope was a really good companion and great with kids. She has had beautiful puppies, that were playful and smart. Her daughters have taken after her in many ways, so we have kept some granddaughters as well. We miss Hope, but her daughter (Smooch) and granddaughter (Mercy), have been super replacements (not that she can ever really be replaced) for her on the ranch.


Smooch was a yellow Labrador Retriever and looked so much like her mother, Hope. She was a great mother like Hope also. Smooch was Miss Personality on the ranch. Her pups were really playful and smart. Smooch loved hunting, playing, taking walks, and definitely LOVED having her belly rubbed. We have kept females out of Smooch, we love this maternal line in our females.